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Automatic carrier for gear hole grinding; modular system for small production lots

• Absolute modularity by means of angular adjustment of the bases holding locators and prelocators in short time
• Very high repeatability accuracy (within 0.005mm)
• Loading both manual or automatic
• Predisposition for workpiece presence check
• Predisposition for coolant passage
• High accuracy granting a repeatability lower than 0.005mm. The use of presetted angular calibres allows the clamping of a wide range of gears with different teeth No.

This always granting a presetting accuracy lower than 0.01mm

• Quick change: long adjustment times of gear to find machine centering are eliminated by using angular calibres which bring the system automatically in position
• Modularity: you can get the desired modularity for clamping different gears with different OD and teeth

No just moving the angular bases and replacing locators E and prelocators D locator spacers G and angular calibres C

Outside diameter 215 = Capacity up to 100
Outside diameter 270 = Capacity up to 150
Outside diameter 330 = Capacity up to 200