Tapping units

Tapping units by Drillmatic are suitable for both rigid tapping with rolling taps, and external tapping with die.The operating stroke by means of the lead screw is easily adjustable thanks to a mechanical sensor. In the versions with pneumatic pre-stroke, the unit performs a fixed rapid approach.The lead screw is mounted in a coaxial position and immersed in an oil bath. A spring-loaded clutch system allows to preserve the lead screw in case of collision or extra torque.The great modularity and the different connection, motor and transmission configurations allow the customer to better adapt the unit to the application.
ImageSKUNameStroke [mm]Motor 2P [Kw]Motor 4P [Kw]Motor 6P [Kw]Tapping capacity R=60 [mm]Min.speed [rpm]Max. speed [rpm]
Maschiatrici Fora-maschia
TX12.50Tapping units500,750,550,55M121603000
Tapping units
TX12.100Tapping units1000,750,550,55M121603000
Tapping units
TX20.80Tapping units801,51,1M201602000
Tapping unit.
TX20.100Tapping units1001,51,1M201602000
Tapping unit
TX28.120Tapping units80+4032,2M28100600
Tapping units
TX42.80Tapping units8032,2M42100600
Tapping units
TX42.130Tapping units13032,2M42100600


  • Feed through lead screw with interchangeable oil bath
  • 2 Mechanical sensors  for stroke adjustment
  • Spindle supported by a set of taper roller bearings
  • Three-phase motor usable inverter
  • Concentricity 0.02mm


  • Rapid pneumatic approach stroke at 6bar
  • Self-braking motor
  • Speed reducer
  • Spindle with integrated axial compensation in traction
  • Multi spindle heads