Units for combined drilling - tapping

DTX units by Drillmatic are designed for combined drilling and tapping tools. Feed is managed by a pneumatic cylinder for drilling and by a lead screw for tapping. The switch between drilling and tapping is managed by a mechanical sensor. The dual-polarity standard motor allows to manage the two operations with the appropriate rotation speed. The great modularity and the different connection, motor and transmission configurations allow the customer to better adapt the unit to the application.
ImageSKUNameStroke [mm]2/4 Poles motor [Kw]4/6 Poles motor [Kw]Tapping capacity R=60 [mm]Min.speed [rpm]Max. speed [rpm]
Units for combined drill - tapping
DTX12.75Units for combined drill - tapping750,8/0,60,55/0,45M127504000
Units for combined drill - tapping
DTX12.150Units for combined drill - tapping1500,8/0,60,55/0,45M127504000
Electro-pneumatic drilling units
DTX16.100Units for combined drill - tapping1001,3/1,11,1/0,75M167504000
Units for combined drill - tapping
DTX16.150Units for combined drill - tapping1500,8/0,60,55/0,45M127504000


  • Pneumatic feed at 6bar / lead screw
  • Mechanical adjustment of rapid approach stroke and operating stroke
  • Coaxial hydraulic shock absorber to adjust feed speed
  • 3 Mechanical sensors for stroke adjustment
  • Spindle supported by a set of taper roller bearings
  • Three-phase motor usable inverter
  • Concentricity 0.02mm


  • Self-braking motor
  • Spindle with integrated axial compensation in traction
  • Multi spindle heads