Active worldwide

Reach every corner of the world with our products is the challenge we have set ourselves

In the era of Industry 4.0 we can afford ideas and concepts that until just few years ago were almost prohibitive and which are now commonplace. But technology alone cannot do anything, if you do not even have a professional and technical presence on the market.

EuromaGroup has a widespread presence throughout the global territory through its dealers, but is proud to dispose of and make available to its customers an highly experienced technical sales representative.. And with this occasion we are pleased to introduce you Beatrice Avanzini.

Beatrice Avanzini is our worldwide interface for all three macro categories of Euroma Group products.

Specifically, Beatrice Avanzini is your direct contact for:
Drillmatic in Russia, China and the United States
CMT all over the world
ISA all over the world

If the mountain won’t come to Mohammed….

For any request or technical/commercial information please contact us!

6 Mar 2019