MPA angle heads

For 45 years we have been increasing the value of your machine tools. 

A range that counts more than 130 standard angle heads.

An archive that contains more than 24.000 specialized heads produced for dedicated applications.

With over 45 years’ experience in the world of transfer and traditional machines.

This is MPA. 

The time we are in require flexible machine tools, extremely low equipping times, flawless standards and performances.

The wide range of choices that the market offers is surely attractive and full of solutions. But a high-quality machine needs high-quality accessories, and that is where MPA comes into the picture. 

MPA is symbol of high quality in the international scene of accessories for machine tools. 

Its origins lie in the production of multiple heads with adjustable and fixed centre distance. Later, in the 1980s, with the advent of the first machining centres, MPA focused most of its core business in the design and realisation of a wide range of standard angle heads. 

Over time heads have been adapting to the sizes and weights that the market requires, in order to be handled inside tool warehouses, and the variety of it has enlarged thanks to the increasing capacity of the machines to support high-quality and high-performance accessories. 

MPA angle heads are available with the classic ISO and HSK shanks of different sizes; every one of them is available with quill clamp, stop-bar pin, anti-rotation system with stiffening pins, passage of the coolant through the tool with low or high pressure, transmission in gear or torque multiplication ratio. Every head undergoes strict quality and size controls before going to the market. 

In the catalogue we find “slim” heads, designed to perform small operations in confined spaces, “compact” heads, able to transmit up to 90 Nm torque while maintaining small dimensions, extended heads, angle heads, double-ended heads, off-set heads, heads for heavy duties, adjustable angle heads

In short, a complete and very wide range of products. Whatever your needs are, our technical staff will be happy to support you towards the best choice.


10 Mar 2022