New job opportunity in Euroma Group

Opened the new Opportunities entirely dedicated to the spontaneous applications and open positions in Euroma Group.

Not just a form through which users can submit their professional profile to the Human Resources Department, but also a space to highlight the Group’s attention to new generations and young professionals.

“We want to offer real opportunities to young people – commented Valerio Veronesi, President of EuromaGroup – whether they are specialized workers, salesman or designers. We understand the need of our young, to finally compete in a working environment, to test themselves and demonstrate their actual skills. Once the chosen course of study has been completed young people must feel welcomed by the market and, why not, also desired in Euroma Group we value the energies and enthusiasm of those who want to identify their own professional path and find a working identity, paying great attention to the younger ones, because they are healthy carriers of passion and innovation

Not having previous experience is not a faultspecified Veronesi Everyone of us started without experience, then over time we acquire knowledge and skills. But if we do not give space to those who want to build an experience now, there would be no generational change and the push for innovation would probably be extinguished. Young people represent a bridge towards the future: they are the ones who lead us towards the scenarios that await us, and the treatment we reserve for them will be reflected in the goodness of the results we are going to achieve.. That’s why we carefully evaluate all the profiles of the young candidates they are our team of tomorrow We therefore invite those who are already working in Euroma Group or who follow the Group’s activities – the President specified – to highlight our sensitivity towards the new generations of workers: we are looking for motivated and deserving people “

The Opportunities section shows the contributions put into place by the company to improve the quality of life from work: from vocational training courses, such as those of foreign languages with teachers to the initiatives aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, such as nutritional advice available to employees for an optimal approach to the table. Even the Public Speaking courses they are promoted in order to create moments of aggregation and to help the resources in the improvement of their expressiveness in public.

“We want you to know -concluded Veronesi- C We invest on our resources also from the human point of view: that their well-being is of interest to the company and that the goal is to work in a positive and healthy environment.



27 Nov 2018

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