Quill units – Classic and functional design

Electro-pneumatic drilling units Drillmatic by Euroma Group are designed to offer the maximum possible modularity.

Manufacturers of industrial machines and automation can have a wide choice and great adaptability in the design.

The different operating stroke solutions, available for most of the quill unit models, maximize space and avoid the designer looking for complex solutions.

The wide range of available tool holders allows not to use extensions and adapters, which distance the tool from the bearings and tend to generate concentricity errors, consequently causing vibrations and poor processing quality.

The well-known and recognizable design of the Quill Electro-pneumatic tapping and drilling units Drillmatic by Euroma Group not only allows an extremely modular fixing, but also offers the great advantage of rotating the unit on 360°, thanks to the static support that “embraces” the cylindrical body of the unit.

The Quill units Drillmatic by Euroma Group can be installed both horizontally and vertically and are available with fixed and adjustable supports for mounting on the machine. Furthermore an angular adjustment is made possible by a 360° articulated support.

Besides all units are equipped with fixing for circular transfer machine, that is with front threaded holes.

Quill tapping units Drillmatic by Euroma Group all have a fixed pneumatic rapid approach stroke as an optional for those obstructions that do not allow to work besides the piece to be machined.

Besides the classic quill drilling and tapping units with lead screw, the range also includes the CNC version, with feed by means of ball screw and brushless motor. This type of quill unit enables to perform any type of axial machining and change the working parameters directly from the operator panel. Drilling with chip discharge cycle, drilling with “skip”, to machine tubes, reverse cycle deburring, interpolated tapping: all of these options are easily manageable as the CNC Drillmatic by Euroma Group Quill units are ideally suited to perform them.

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17 May 2021