Special centering and stirrupping clamping system for CNC turning-milling-grinding machines suitable for automatic loading

  • Centering clamping on hole and stirrup
  • PEL workpiece detection system
  • Long stroke expander. 7 mm on diameter
  • Repeatability accuracy lower than 0.005 mm
  • Quick change centering
  • Quick change stirrups
  • System driven by double cylinder
  • High rotation speed

Chuck description

The system is complete with 2 independent mechanisms.

First one is moving the central expander having stroke mm7 on diameter, centering the workpiece from the inside.

Second one is linked to a moving plate driving 3 rotating and stirrupping shafts. These are clamping the workpiece granting stiffness during machining.

Both systems are driven by a double cylinder. There is a PEL detection system checking the right positioning of the workpiece by the robot.

The change of workpiece type is very fast thanks to quick coupling systems of different components.