Machining spindles

Machining spindles by Drillmatic are suitable for both axial drilling and threading, as well as heavier radial machining such as milling, boring and cutting. The feed stroke is managed by the EX series CNC slide units. All spindles are configurable with ISO or HSK connections, in manual or automatic version. Depending on the machining to be performed and the speed of rotation, it is possible to provide the spindles with taper roller bearings or with angular contact. The great modularity and the different connection, motor and transmission configurations allow the customer to better adapt the unit to the application.
ImageSKUNameDrilling capacity on steel R=60 ø mmMin.speed [rpm]Max. speed [rpm]Motor 2P [Kw]Motor 4P [Kw]Motor 6P [Kw]
Machining spindles
DX22Machining spindles1860084001,51,51,1
DX28 ISO 30Machining spindles3540084001,51,51,1
Machining spindles
DX28 ISO 40Machining spindles35400840032,22,5
DX38 ISO 40Machining spindles40160360032,22,2
DX38 ISO 50Machining spindles5016036005,55,54
Machining spindles
DX38LMachining spindles50160360032,22,2
Machining spindles
DX58Machining spindles5016036007,57,55,5
DX88Machining spindles6016036007,57,55,5


  • ISO / HSK Spindle connection 
  • 90 ° / 60 ° rotating transmission cover
  • Motor in front or rear position
  • Spindle supported by a set of taper roller bearings / angular contact bearings
  • Three-phase motor usable inverter
  • Concentricity 0.01mm


  • Balanced shaft for high speeds
  • Coolant through facility
  • Automatic pneumatic / hydraulic tool change
  • CNC spindle motor
  • Multi spindle heads