Slide units

Drill-Matic slide units: recirculating ball screw (EX), hydraulic (HX) with roller circulating rails/pads, electrical end switches and central lubrication.
ImageSKUNameStroke [mm]Funz.Ball screwType of guideMax. axial thrust [N]Hydraulic thrust 35 bar [N]Hydraulic cylinder [mm]
CNC Slide units
EX28CNC Slide units100, 200, 300By screwø20 x 5 mmBall bearing7000
CNC Slide units
EX32CNC Slide units250, 400By screwø25 X 5 mmBall bearing9000
CNC Slide units
EX38CNC Slide units200, 300, 400, 600By screwø40 x 5 mmBall bearing21400
CNC Slide units
EX58CNC Slide units300By screwø40 x 5 mmBall bearing21400
Hydraulic slide units
HX38Hydraulic slide units200, 300HydraulicBall bearing15500ø 63