Slide units

The CNC slide units by Drillmatic have adjustable strokes, managed by rolling ball screw, and are suitable for the assembly of DX series spindles.

The carriage is moved by means of roller circulating rails and pads. Each slide has 3 standard mechanical sensors to manage production cycle and to set provision for centralized lubrication of pads and screw.

The sturdy cast iron structure guarantees high rigidity and precision in order to perform any type of machining.

The combination of DX series spindles and EX series slides allows the customer to perform any type of machining, both axial drilling or threading with interpolated axes, and radial milling, boring or cutting.

It is also possible to compose 2-3 axes structures with modular strokes.

ImageSKUNameStroke [mm]Funz.Ball screwType of guideMax. axial thrust [N]Hydraulic thrust 35 bar [N]Hydraulic cylinder [mm]
CNC Slide units
EX28CNC Slide units100, 200, 300By screwø20 x 5 mmBall bearing7000
CNC Slide units
EX32CNC Slide units250, 400By screwø25 X 5 mmBall bearing9000
CNC Slide units
EX38CNC Slide units200, 300, 400, 600By screwø40 x 5 mmBall bearing21400
CNC Slide units
EX58CNC Slide units300By screwø40 x 5 mmBall bearing21400
Hydraulic slide units
HX38Hydraulic slide units200, 300HydraulicBall bearing15500ø 63


  • Stabilized cast iron structure
  • Handling by means of grinded rolling ball screw
  • Sliding of the carriage on roller circulating rails (no.2) and pads (no.4)
  • 3 Mechanical sensors
  • Provision for centralized lubrication


  • 180° offset motor
  • Bellow covers with slats / telescopic cover
  • Assembly of 2/3 axis units