Fork heads

ImageSKUNameTool taper [rif]Plate locking force [N]Spindle nose - pivot point distance [mm]Power [Kw]Max. speed [rpm]Max torque on screw [Nm]“A” axis Rotation angle with encoder“A” Axis Ratio“A” axis Clamping pressure [bar]“C” axis Rotation angle with encoder“C” Axis Ratio“C” Axis Clamping pressure [bar]Weight [Kg]
Fork heads KW2 HS 62
KW2 HS 62Fork heads KW2 HS 62HSK A6318000218401800062±105°400:1180±185°600:1180circa 500
Fork heads KW2 HS 106
KW2 HS 106Fork heads KW2 HS 106HSK A63180003063316000106±105°400:1180±185°600:1180600
Fork heads KW2 HT
KW2 HTFork heads KW2 HTBT 50, ISO50200002783730001500±105°780:1180±185°780:1180circa 1100
Fork heads KW2 HT Small
KW2 HT SmallFork heads KW2 HT SmallBT 50, ISO5020000270303000900±105°780:1180±185°780:1180circa 700