Rotary indexing tables

Drill Matic rotary indexing tables: with vertical axis or horizontal, with Hirth gears, or alternatively, also with conical pins.
ImageSKUNamePlate diameter [mm]Indexing accuracy [sec]Indexing accuracy on plate diameter [mm]Plate locking force [mm]Pressure [bar]Plate locking force [N]Rotating torque [Nm]
TA 220 PinsRotary indexing tables220±5"±0,00250,026-8450025
TA 220 HirthRotary indexing tables220±10"±0,0050,026-8450025
TA 326Rotary indexing tables320±5"±0,0040,02615800100
TA 600Rotary indexing tables600±10"±0,0150,03635400350
TA 700Rotary indexing tables700±5"±0.0080,0220700001600