In a real team
beats one heart

We divide the tasks to multiply the successes.

A Group of value made up of people, supported by ideas, projected towards the future of automation

if before EurOMA was only one company, today it is an integrated group. since 1979 the company has evolved Exploring New Markets and by acquiring different realities Excellent, creating a complex of specialised and interconnected units.

Group culture

Care of professional growth and facilitation of the union between work and private necessities:

Concretely committed to “make a group”


Young people

we want to give them confidence, to be firm supportersof their talent.

Available to invest, in order to allocate a real professional growthto young people.

Relational aspect

Taking care of human resources is a priority of Euroma Group, therefore the employment relationship is not only economical but also social. the employment relationship is not only economical but also social.

Quality standards

From the retrieval of raw materials to the after-sales service, we operate in compliance with the highest quality standards.

We guarantee efficientand long-lasting products, made with attention to the environment and safety.



We protect the environment and enhance the territory with its excellence

we want to preserve the resources we have today for the future generations.



We Imagine the impact not on today but on tomorrow
not on us but on our children and grandchildren.


We have confidence in talent and we invest in young people. We carefully evaluate each application to have a team united, composed of motivated and responsible people.