The evolution
Is growth

Transparency and kindness towards ourselves and others.

Towards the future

The orientation towards innovation in the search for advanced solutions reflects the taken path to guarantee an increasingly important role in the future of industrial automation

We believe that progress can be defined only when accompanied by social responsibility and Environmental sustainability: innovation produces added value only married to respect.


Focus on young people

Innovation means focusing on new generations

It means paying attention to the protection of an high social quality, in the workplace and throughout the supply chain.

Human component

We support technological progress byenhancing the human component: we do not seek a technology that replaces man, but a technology in service of man.

Best Performance

Increasingthe performance of products positively affecting those of end users. It means increasing production and assembly flexibility, improving processes and results.

Team identity

Innovation and research are the keys to strengthen our team identity:progress means amplifying our historical strengthsand our ethical heritage.


Ethical responsibility

We look at efficiency from an evolutionary point of view.

We try to improve our production performance by guaranteeing an increasingly high quality standard over time.

Research and experimentation to achieve a performance improvement that complies with our code of ethics and environmental and social sustainability

Inventing the future

“Innovation is a form of transgression: do unexpected and new things, or do old things in a different way. Building tomorrow with what we have available today, inventing the future in an unreleased way: this is EuromaGroup.

Valerio Veronesi – President of the EuromaGroup


We have confidence in talent and we invest in young people. We carefully evaluate each application to have a team united, composed of motivated and responsible people.