There is no business
Without ethics

Transparency and kindness towards ourselves and others.

Production policy

At the basis of Euroma Group’s production policy is the awareness that the choices of production and consumption of the present generations must not compromise those of future generations: much has been done, much more is being implemented

New generations

We are aware that a socially responsible company has a moral obligation and the privilege of investing in young people by giving them real opportunities. This is why we invest in new talents and encourage them, guiding them in their path of maturation in expert professionals.

Human capital

Aware that corporate social responsibility is a means of strengthening people’s ties and encouraging individual growth, we commit ourselves to projects to improve working conditions.


Social and ecological commitment is translated into attention and concrete actions, responding to the call for global, entrepreneurial action, which identifies sustainability and innovation and as the fundamental pillars of industry 4.0.

Environmental protection

We reduce waste and recycle waste materials.

We use low impact logistics systemwith controlled emissions Dedicated investments, with a separate collection plan for responsible growth.


We encourage the consolidation of a true culture of mutual respect and aid among colleagues, building a healthy work environment, in which. courtesy and fairness represent the basis of every exchange


We support change in terms of innovation and technological change.

We remain defenders of the irreplaceable value represented by the human contribution.

In a scenario that sees customers and consumers more prepared on the importance of production and distribution processes, we embrace the values of sustainable development.


We have confidence in talent and we invest in young people. We carefully evaluate each application to have a team united, composed of motivated and responsible people.