CNC quill units

CNC Machining Units by Drillmatic can perform any type of axial machining, such as drilling, threading, reaming, counterboring, etc ... The feed axis can be moved by means of a ball screw and CNC motor allows an effective and precise management of the stroke. The basic version involves the use of a three-phase motor for spindle rotation. However, it is possible to set up the unit with two brushless motors to perform CNC interpolation. The great modularity and the different connection, motor and transmission configurations allow the customer to better adapt the unit to the application.
ImageSKUNameStroke [mm]Motor 2P [Kw]Motor 4P [Kw]Motor 6P [Kw]Drilling capacity on steel R=60 ø mmMin.speed [rpm]Max. speed [rpm]
DXE10.60CNC Machining units600,750,550,5510, M124008400
CNC Machining units
DXE10.130CNC Machining units1300,750,550,5510, M124008400
CNC machining units
DXE16.90CNC Machining units901,51,51,116, M201604500
CNC Machining units
DXE16.130CNC Machining units1301,51,51,116, M201604500
DXE23.115CNC Machining units1151,51,51,125, M303004000
Unità operatrici CNC
DXE24.120CNC Machining units12032,22,226, M303004000
CNC Machining units
DXE42.160CNC Machining units16032,22,238, M401604000


  • Feed by means of ball screw
  • 3 Mechanical sensors for stroke adjustment
  • Spindle supported by a set of taper roller bearings
  • Three-phase motor usable inverter
  • Concentricity 0,02mm


  • Speed reducer
  • Provision for 2 CNC motors
  • Multi spindle heads