The new way of producing: process control, remote management, instant format change

Transfer with high drilling and roll threading production on metal small parts: Let’s discover all particular features of the transfer machine together with the concept of today’s productivity.

The wheel is turning and turning…

The transfer machine for the production of metal small parts always has to meet all necessary speed, precision, reliability and consistency standards.

But today this isn’t enough: Since human tendency is to go for an even less manual work, the machine needs to be even more independent from operator’s control.

4.0 Industry is the big movie screen where all values, tendencies and diagrams are outlined and made explicit. But, what hides behind it? What is faster than the electricity passing from the control devices to the PLC terminal boards?

The answer to these questions is only one: the innovation willingness.

This is actually the industry sector which is changing and adapting.

Euroma Group took the hard challenge to put its signature on a machine that doesn’t produce only metal small parts every 3 seconds, but that is also able to make two opposite concepts coexist: rigor and flexibility.

From one side, we talk about rigor because each machine’s action is controlled. In fact, all pieces undergo process controls that provide the remote machine supervision with a clear and detailed overview, which, however, doesn’t affect significantly the machine’s flexibility.

For the other side, we talk about flexibility because the format change is extremely fast and easy to handle. In fact,
thanks to the logic in which this machine was conceived, it’s possible to switch from one piece to the other in 30 minutes.

Our staff is at your complete disposal for any further information.

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